Tree of Life Art Foundry offers a full range of sculptural services for artists and art related projects. We appreciate every opportunity to collaborate with artists and we pay special attention to fine detail as well as the overall appearance of each project. We are a small foundry, proud of what we do, dedicated to our artists, easygoing, caring, and always striving for perfection and for a timely completion of each sculpture. We assist artists in their work from start to finish and help them translate their ideas and models into a finished sculpture. Modeling, enlargement, mold making, casting (not only in metals, but in other materials such as foam, rubber, plasters, etc., finishing and patination, delivery, and installation--we are a holistic place for your sculpture to be created. 

The foundry was established in 1985, since then we have worked on a wide spectrum of projects -- from miniatures to monumental outdoor public art, using materials ranging from bronze to foam. Some of our notable clients include Ernst Neizvestny, Dennis Oppenheim, Alexander Kosolapov, Arlene Shechet, and William King...

Tree of Life Art Foundry is located in Andes, on a former dairy farm in the Catskills mountains. It is about 3 hours from NYC. You are welcome to come and visit us, see your work in progress, and if you need to participate in the process, we can provide accommodations for you. We can pick your model up from your studio in the New York City area and have your finished project delivered to your studio or any location in USA or abroad.

We are happy to work with all artists and on any project, big or small, and we view each one as a great chance to learn something new and to share our experience and the desire to succeed.

Founder and owner,
Jeff Bliumis