Modeling and enlargement: From your drawing we can make aa full size model from a soft material or plaster, which can be used for making a mold, casting a  sculpture. 

Mold making: We make all kinds of molds — silicon rubber, plaster, painted or poured, etc.

Casting: We use silicon bronze and a ceramic shell casting method to produce great detail and patination options. Aluminum is another metal we work with. In addition, we have worked with other materials such as foam and resins.

Patination: We use many different types of patinas, ranging from classic patina to the ones we've developed through our experiments and research.

Repair: We'll work with you to assess what type of repair, refinishing or re-patina is required for your sculpture and do the required work. 

Bases: We can make a base or a stand for your sculpture.

Installation: Pick up, installation and maintenance are available.